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Connie Williams
Co-President/Lead Designer

Tucker Williams
Associate Designer

From residential to commercial. From professional consulting to providing general contracting services. From floor to ceiling and everything in between - our experience shows.

You can take our word for it, or next time you're out and about stop by the Jackson County Chamber of Commerce - Copper Orchid did the consultation. While out traversing our great city, stop at the new Center For Family Health building and take a peek inside, Copper Orchid did the consultation there, as well. If you find yourself in the "President's House" at Spring Arbor University - we did the consultation. Belle Tire - we did the floors. Red Cross - we did that, too. County National Bank - we did three of their branches. Kibby Park Animal Clinic - yep, the reception area, that was us. Springcrest Dental - Copper Orchid did that, too. The list of satisfied businesses goes on and on, and we haven't even touched on our residential customers. . .

A Complete Package:   Whether carpeting, window treatments, space planning, complete renovation or custom design work for your home or commercial office project, Copper Orchid Design offers the complete package. Copper Orchid Design has the experience, knowledge, and resources that allow us to evaluate your project, your needs and your wish list as a whole and bring together the right materials, installers and personal touches to make it a uniquely inspiring space for you.

Cost Effective:   With a professional assessment of your situation, leading to a solid plan of action, we can coordinate and implement the details for your space at competitive prices.

Knowing what can be re-purposed and incorporated into your design and what should be edited, can and will influence your overall budget and help spend your project dollars more effectively, saving you time and money in the end.

Pride in Ownership:  Our family network of talented craftsmen, local artisans and mechanics for installation, provides us and our clients with the comfort in knowing that the project will be done correctly with pride in workmanship. Reflecting this in your space provides you with the same pride in ownership when the job is complete.

Community Accountability:  As it is our primary goal, we go to great lengths to give you the best customer service in the design industry. By focusing our business here in South Central Michigan, Copper Orchid Design remains accountable to our customers - not just because that's "good business," but because our customers are inevitably our friends and neighbors and this is our home too.

Copper Orchid Design has over 35 years experience in the business - that's not combined experience, that's the experience of our lead designer alone.